May 11, 2017

FMP: Packaging Concepts

I made some packaging concepts, using grey board. The following videos demonstrate how each concept opens to reveal the block puzzle concept. There were also two additional concepts, one of a rectangular box, another square, presentation box (I didn't record these due to time constraints, however). I’ve asked a few…
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May 10, 2017

FMP: Packaging Research

As much as I’ve enjoyed working with the CNC router, I must press on to other components of the project, mainly the packaging. A main focus of this updated version of Misfits project is how to cheaply reproduce the game. For the blocks, its apparent to go with the CNC…
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May 4, 2017

FMP: Puzzle Concept

While the LCC technician that runs the 3D printer, Andy, uncovered that I am a Chelsea student, I still weirdly have access to the CNC router. Perhaps Natalie, the CNC technician, knows of this, but chooses not to bar me from using the machine. Part of using the CNC is…
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April 28, 2017

FMP: CNC Milling

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To David and the rest of the marking team: posts that have a 'Lorem ipsum' excerpts are not dummy/blank posts. There is an error with the caching of blog excerpts.
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