FMP: Visit to Machine Room

While I am trying to maximise the resources of the specialist equipment available to me as a UAL student, of course, there is an approaching end date to my access. I thought, as both for my own curiosity, and for any future development of the game, I would look into makerspaces or workshops in London.

A few individuals from the workshop, as well as Chris Follows from the Digital Maker Collective, recommended that I pay a visit to the Machine Room in East London. Today, I went for their Friday midday public tours.

It’s a really cool space actually. For every specialist machine in their space, the technicians induct every new member, with the hope to make the member become totally self sufficient on every machine. This includes their large CNC machine. The only trade off is each induction isn’t cheap, nor per usage (eg. the CNC is £90 induction). A selection of photos from the visit, below.

Project space for residents, ie. those that can afford the high monthly fee for the space, ha!


A nice touch.. a book vending machine.