FMP Proposal: Project Summary

Project Summary

An investigation into the production of a physical, block game, Misfits, to become a commercially viable game.


Board game & physical game production, the history of board games and why we play games.

Research Focus

Examining cost, processes, and materiality to allow Misfits to become a commercially viable game.


Designers, young  professionals, board and physical game enthusiasts


Physical game, packaging design, wood manufacturing


A square, hand-bound matchbox containing 40 blocks, a screen-printed false bottom tray, two rulebooks and a bag.

Professional Practice

Leslie Scott, Inventor of Jenga. Email discussion.

Matthew Wiazowski  Recruiting Team Leader, Ubisoft Montreal. Played game in person.

Leonid Davydov Founder of Dot.Home. Email discussion.

Alexandra Lolies Head of Events at Big Potato. Email discussion.

Laura Kennett HR Director at UsTwo London. Email discussion.

Jake Hollands Chelsea Graphic Design Alumni. Twitter DM.

Myles Palmer Chelsea Graphic Design Alumni. In person.