May 24, 2017

FMP Proposal: Project Summary

Project Summary An investigation into the production of a physical, block game, Misfits, to become a commercially viable game. Context Board game & physical game production, the history of board games and why we play games. Research Focus Examining cost, processes, and materiality to allow Misfits to become a commercially…
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May 23, 2017

FMP: Misfits Updated & Recruiters

Yesterday, before leaving Wimbledon, I found a lovely felt material in A2 size and some ribbon at a nearby arts store. As I’m no expert in sewing, I kindly asked my flatmate who studies fashion to cut the felt down to size, and create a small ribbon to affix to…
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May 17, 2017

FMP: CSM Visit & Colouring Processes

My LCC graphic student cover may’ve been blown at LCC in order to use their CNC router. However, after many in-person reminders and emails to the head technician at CSM, today I was able to come in to use their CNC and their wood workshop. Overall, as the project has…
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May 12, 2017

FMP: Visit to Machine Room

While I am trying to maximise the resources of the specialist equipment available to me as a UAL student, of course, there is an approaching end date to my access. I thought, as both for my own curiosity, and for any future development of the game, I would look into…
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May 11, 2017

FMP: Packaging Concepts

I made some packaging concepts, using grey board. The following videos demonstrate how each concept opens to reveal the block puzzle concept. There were also two additional concepts, one of a rectangular box, another square, presentation box (I didn't record these due to time constraints, however). I’ve asked a few…
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